Nick Duff dhaqammada dhaqamada kala-duwan

Nick Duff dhaqammada dhaqamada kala-duwan

This fund was established in 1997 by the Duff family after the death of Nick Duff, in recognition of Nick's career and deep commitment to multicultural studies. Nick was a social studies teacher at Minnetonka from 1947-1988 and served as a trustee of the Minnetonka Foundation from 1990-1995. The fund was initially established from memorials to Nick Duff and from an estate gift designated in Mr. Duff's will.

Today, Nick's grandson Troon Dowds serves as a trustee of the Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation and Nick's family provides fund contributions. Donors interested in advancing multicultural studies in Minnetonka are also invited to donate to the fund.

. Grants are issued via the foundation's Teacher Grant process every April.

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Mr. Nicholas Duff, Minnetonka High School teacher from 1947-1988 and Foundation trustee from 1990-1995.

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Recent Teacher Grants funded by the Nick Duff Multicultural Fund


  • Hands-on Project-based Chinese Cultural Activities for Chinese Immersion Classrooms (Excelsior, Scenic Heights, MME and MMW)


  • Two Countries - One Classroom (Clear Springs)
  • Chinese Character Stroke Order Practice App (Scenic Heights)
  • Chinese Immersion Author Event featuring Ying Compestine (Excelsior and Scenic Heights)


  • Next Steps for the Minnetonka-Ghana Connection (Clear Springs)
  • SACHIKO – Finding Peace: An Author Visit (Scenic Heights)
  • Chinese Folklore and Folkgame for Library Resource (Excelsior and Scenic Heights)


  • The Tonka-Ghana Connection: Taking the Next Step (Clear Springs)
  • Audio Chinese and English Picture Dictionary (Excelsior)
  • Multicultural Author Visits (Minnewashta)
  • I am Malala (MME)



  • Face to Face Across the World (Clear Springs)
  • African Drumming (Clear Springs and Scenic Heights)
  • Chinese Calligraphy Tools (Scenic Heights)
  • Opening Up the World (MHS)


  • Pingpang Qiu (Excelsior)
  • Community and Culture (Groveland)
  • Chinese Drum Dancing (Scenic Heights)
  • Parallels in the Cultural and Biological/Genetic History of Native Americans (MHS)