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Classroom Music Classroom Music begins in Kindergarten and continues through 8th grade. 5th Grade Classroom Music utilizes a variety of instruments, activities, and platforms to continue students’ elementary music education.

Elementary students who enroll in classroom music will learn:

  • New rhythm counting techniques
  • Good vocal technique
  • To play the ukulele

Students will also be challenged to improve their skills and knowledge in:

  • Listening
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Music Diversity

The classroom music schedule and expectations include:

  • Small group lesson once in each six-day cycle
  • Large group classes two times in each six-day cycle
  • Bringing iPad to Music class
  • Opportunity to purchase a ukulele for personal use
  • Possibility of performance (school dependent)


Clear Springs: Melanie McIvor, melanie.mcivor@minnetonkaschools.org
Deephaven: Liz Anderson, elizabeth.anderson@minnetonkaschools.org
Excelsior: Joel Gotz, joel.gotz@minnetonkaschools.org
Groveland: Mona Anderson, mona.anderson@minnetonkaschools.org
Minnewashta: Becky Asche, becky.asche@minnetonkaschools.org
Sarah Abelsen, sarah.abelsen@minnetonkaschools.org
Scenic Heights: Mary Renz, mary.renz@minnetonkaschools.org

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