Fasalka Choir

Choir is a curricular class which begins in grade 5 and continues through grade 12. The 5th grade choir class focuses on the student’s individual voice to continue students’ elementary music education.

Elementary students who enroll in choir class will learn:

  • Sight-singing (rhythmic and melodic)
  • Good vocal technique
  • Musical score-reading
  • Singing in harmony

Students will also be challenged to improve their skills and knowledge in:

  • Listening
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Music Diversity

The choir schedule and expectations include:

  • Large group classes two times in each six-day cycle
  • Two evening concerts throughout the school year
  • Possibility for other informal performance events throughout the school year

Nala soo xiriir

Clear Springs: Melanie McIvor, melanie.mcivor@minnetonkaschools.org
Deephaven: Liz Anderson, elizabeth.anderson@minnetonkaschools.org
Excelsior: Joel Gotz, joel.gotz@minnetonkaschools.org
Groveland: Mona Anderson, mona.anderson@minnetonkaschools.org
Minnewashta: Sarah Abelsen, sarah.abelsen@minnetonkaschools.org
Scenic Heights: Mary Renz, mary.renz@minnetonkaschools.org